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Welcome to this site! Ultimately, it is just an elaborate bookmarking webpage for my own use for me to refer back to. If it is helpful or enjoyable to you then please let me know!

At the top of many archive and tag lists are links to online photo galleries.

– links to the photographer’s Wikipedia entry

– links to photos or articles about the photographer at The Smithsonian

– links to photos or articles about the photographer at The Library of Congress

– links to the photographer’s personal site, or, the first site I’d go to

Below the photographer’s name are links to any other interesting sites.

The names are sorted by date of birth. The categories above are subject matter. The tags at right are for any techniques or associations. Right now the site is designed to contain as little actual information as possible, and be more of a portal to all the great photography information on the web. Please let me know if there are any errors or omissions, or better links to include – Thanks! – James


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