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  1. Canaletto

    1697 – 1768

    Posted in Venice.
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  2. Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey

    1804 – 1892

    Posted in Acropolis of Athens, Egypt, Gournah - Egypt, Greece, Palestine, Probatic Pool - Jerusalem, Rome, Temple of Vesta - Rome, Turkey.
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  3. Paul Strand

    1890 – 1976

    Posted in Ghana, Italy, México, Na h-Eileanan Siar (Outer Hebrides), NYC 1910s.
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  4. John Deakin

    1912 – 1972

    Posted in 1939 - 45 WWII, Art, Paris, Rome.
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  5. Mario Giacomelli

    1925 – 2000

    Posted in Italy.

  6. Google Street View

    Born: 2007

    2007 Pop Mechanics article
    GSV images of Paris and New York grabbed by Michael Wolf
    GSV images grabbed by John Rafman
    GSV images grabbed by Nicholas Mason for his Versificator project
    GSV images grabbed by Doug Rickard

    Posted in Baltimore, Barcelona, Berlin, Cancún, Cape Town, Chicago, Cologne, Durban, East London, Edinburgh, Florence, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Guadalajara, Hamburg, Hiroshima, Johannesburg, Lake Cuomo, Lille, London, Lyon, Madrid, Marseille, Melbourne, Mexico City, Milan, Monterrey, Munich, Nice, NYC 2000s, Paris, Port Elizabeth, Prague, Pretoria, Puebla, Puerto Vallarta, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, São Paulo, Seattle, Seville, Sydney, Toulouse, Valencia, Washington DC.